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What People say

The ancient art of war using a catapult is very challenging, requiring you to use physics with a strong dose of common sense with great hand eye coordination!! Love it!!!!!

Lawyuhman United States

Love it

I can’t stop playing this . Very well done .

Crush Them United States

Best game in App Store. Best game ever invented. I'm ready for more.

***POPROCKS*** United States
More more more!!!!!

Dudes, more more more now!!!!!!!! Game is the only entertaining game I have left, all the freemium garbage is fricken killing me, I would pay for more levels, make another game, more levels, I don’t care what you do but save us with something.

DontFollowTheHerd United States

Great idea, fantastically executed.

Made in 3D but plays in 2D works surprisingly well, the physics are great, graphics fun, can’t stop playing!

~Adma~ United Kingdom

Love this game. Please keep adding tons more levels and I’ll keep playing. Double thumbs up.

Munkey6 United Kingdom

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